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Oct 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
skydive. daredevil felix baumgartner breaks the speed of sound on a death defying jump from the edge of space. >>> and fireworks fiasco. dozens of spectators are hurt when a fireworks display in china goes bad. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, october 15, 2012. >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. >>> tomorrow marks three weeks before the election and president obama and mitt romney will hold their second debate. romney grabbed the momentum following a strong performance their first go around and now the pressure is on the president to improve his performance. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, and to that end the president will be taking a more aggressive tone this time, we understand, while mitt romney tries to top his last performance. president obama took a brief break from his debate prep to visit a campaign field office in virginia. the president has been holed up at a williamsburg virginia resort studying and this time aides say things will be different. prior to the first debate in denver the pres
Oct 14, 2012 10:00am PDT
news. >> i am fredricka whitfield. felix baumgartner is getting ready to sky dive 23 miles above earth in attempt to become the first person to go faster than the speed of sound. already, he has just broken a record now ascending to the highest point of of any human, that any human has gone in a balloon. he is right now many, many miles above earth, roughly 105,000 feet above earth. baumgartner is roughly, maybe under 10,000 feet away from his goal when he would actually leave the capsule that he is in at the bottom of that balloon that's already taken a different kind of shape. if you saw it earlier, it was a tear dropped shape. now it is more of a lima bean formation. this is live pictures with delay of roughly 20 seconds of baumgartner in that capsule. pretty extraordinary to see these kinds of images that far away. mission control is in roswell, new mexico. you will be hearing some audio momentarily from them. you can also see him kind of conversing likely with mission control right now. brian todd is watching closely as is chad myers in atlanta. brian joins us from washington. bri
Oct 14, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. part marketing stunt or not. adventure felix baumgartner pushed the boundaries of human endurnance at almost 800 miles n hour. nbc's tom costello monitored the mission. he joins us from washington with more. >> the team says that felix baumgartner broke the record for the highest jump ever, the highest free fall and he broke the sound barrier at mach 1. >> felix disconnect the oxygen hose. >> reporter: there he was at 128,000 feet, standing quite literally on the edge of space, preparing to do what no one had done before, with his mom watching from mission control, 43-year-old felix baumgartner offered a few words most most part to understood. then he was gone, beginning a terrifying supersonic dive from 24 miles up. a white dot as he quickly passed 700 miles an hour. >> speed 720 miles an hour. >> reporter: the scene began well before sun rise as they prepared felix. baumgartner is no novice he's made harrowing dumps before from 15 and 18 miles up. but today was about breaking a free fall record that has stood since 1960. the former austrian military paratrooper faced instant deat
Oct 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
jumped from the edge of space at the speed of sound. would you do it? why would anyone? we speak to felix baumgartner about his historic leap of faith. >> hello, he's known to many as europe's last dictator. alexander lukashenko has dominated belarus for nearly 20 years. his longevity is matched only by the length of the charge sheet against him, including allegations of human rights abuses and even torture. apparently mr. lukashenko thinks talk of democracy is being used as a cover for what he calls plunder by the west. we join the latest press baron on a trip to conduct a rare interview with the man. just a warning -- this film contains flash photography. >> right on the edge of europe, a place that ascends so many european values. we've come to minute ask with the youngest newspaper proprietor. we're on our way to a rare meeting. not many get to see the corridors of bela russian power. this is an opportunity to put on the spot the man known as europe's last dictator. it's also a challenge for the ambitious son of a russian olivark. president alexander lukashenko has been in power for 1
Oct 15, 2012 3:00am PDT
to break his fall. how felix baumgartner managed to cheat death. it was a picture-perfect free fall and landing. look at that moment right there. he did it, shattering the world record. he did it. unbelievable. people were riveted to the video over the weekend. >> i can't imagine free falling for other four minutes. >> no. and at almost 900 miles an hour? felix, my hat's off to you. you're braver than most, my friend. >>> also this half hour, we're going to bring you the story of a mother in texas who is currently serving life for killing her foster child. why she says she did not do it. of course, this is going to be the topic of discussion all day on the "katie" show today. i had the opportunity to go down there and interview her in a texas penitentiary. >> people can check you out in in the afternoon at a more reasonable hour, if they watch "kat "katie" today. i imagine a pretty gripping interview. >> extremely gripping. we brought, there is a lot of layers to the interview as well. but we brought in her husband and her five kids who she has, no physical contact with at all. she
Oct 30, 2012 11:35pm PDT
. esto por la falla de sus generadores. tenemos la cobertura especial que comienza esta noche con felix. desde nueva jersey, sandy impactÓ por primera vez en territorio estadounidense. felix buenas noches, adelante. >>> buenas noches enrique y en la poblaciÓn de naou mejor hennessey. es un sector con mayor nÚmero de hispanos afectados por el paso de san di. y aunque suena increÍble, allÁ al fondo, en medio de la oscuridad y de la inundaciÓn. hay personas que regresaron a sus casas a pesar de tener a su disposiciÓn una serie de refugios. decidieron volver y estÁn pasando la noche en estas circunstancias. pero ya volveremos lo que ocurre aquÍ. vamos ahora new york. donde el alcalde de la ciudad lo dijo muy claramente. la ciudad enfrentÓ la tormenta mÁs poderosa de su historia. blanca rosa vilches nos habla de la huella que dejÓ sandy, en la capital del mundo. >>> hola felix, que tal, no son buenas noches para la tercera parte de la poblaciÓn de new york. que sigue sin servicio elÉctrico. . esta noche, hemos recorrido esta zona, y tenemos sus historias sobre todo como estÁn
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
over an hour, the daredevil felix baumgardner is due to jump from the edge of space in a record-setting skydiving attempt. if he succeeds he will become the first person to go faster than the speed of sound without an aircraft. reporting from rozz well, new mexico. >> he will be taken 23 miles up by balloon to the edge of space. he is so might go up that if his space suit leaks, his blood will boil. he will break sound barrier. no one knows the effects it will have on him. >> we practiced this. this is my biggest dream. we are one step closer. i feel good at the moment. >> felix came to fame as a young base jumper, hurling himself off tall buildings and notoriously off the giant jesus monument. this time he is helped by engineers and his suit is allowing him greater movement so he can glide during free fall. the capsule has been specially built to protect him from the freezing conditions of high altitude. this is the mission control center where engineers are making a final preparation for the jump. there's some tension but excitement. it's from here that they will track his vit
Oct 15, 2012 5:30am EDT
, felix baumgartner makks history.he jumps from 128-thousanddfeee up; higher than anyone before foo a fee harrooiiggmoments but stabilized quickly. "startinn spinning so violent. it spun me around in ll difffrent axes, yoo knnw, and i was always tryyng to figure work, then putting the other - arm out, but you're always late, because at that speed...whee yoo travel at (and it's pressuuized), you - those fiist secondd, he broke another record: no one had ever gone through the sounn barrier outside vehicle. baumgartner reeched a top sseed of ore than 700 miles an hour -- welllpast the speed four-mmnutes-19-seconds before his parachute opened.that's longest free-fall innhistory, but after he safely touuhed down, the an known as 'fearless felix' was hailed as an aerrspace pioneer."it's hhrd to reallzz what happened stilllso maay emotions. i had tears in myyeyes whhn i wws coming back a couppe of times, because you're sitting there and you thought about that moment so many times ---how it wwuld feel and what it would look like -- and thissis way phis missiin had been five &pyearssin the l
Oct 14, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, that is the space helmet worn by the daredevil named felix baumgartner. watch this. he comes out of his capsule, jumping attempting the highest skydive ever surpassing speeds of 700 miles an hour, he was trying to smash the sound barrier. there were moments of danger when it seemed like he might spin out of control. he did survivor. but what about the record and what did we learn today that might help the future of space travel. ryan owe kens tonight on what it looked at the end of the ride. >> reporter: with cheers from his crew and tears from his mom, daredevil felix baumgartner began his improbable journey to the edge of space. >> capsule check, are you ready? >> go ahead. >> reporter: for 2 1/2 hours, the 43-year-old austrian skydiver floated to an astounding 24 miles up, 128,000 feet above the new mexico desert where he opened his capsule, hung his feet out the door, was reminded , saluted, and he just jumped >> release seat belt. >> reporter: saluted and he just jumped right into the record books. he plummeted at an incomprehensible 833 miles an hour, so fast, the only way to see him was
Oct 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
for the device, coming up. >>> plus the peanut butter recall expand. >> and how felix baumgartner cheated death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, back to earth. and set a world record in sky diving: "clapping 2secs" 43-year-old felix baumgartnr took off in a hot air ballon yesterday in new mexico. he went up 24- miles for the jump. there was trouble: he went into a potentially catastrophic flat spin... be did regain control. baumgarr is the first man to break te sound barrier. he says the experience was humbling. "(sot) (felix from presser)i never anticipated it to be o tough.. sometimes you have o up really high to understanw small you are." the free-fall took less than minutes. fearless felix reached speeds up to 800 miles-per- >>> sometimes you have to go up really high to see how small you are. >> felix baumgartner reached speeds over 800 miles an hour in that free fall. >> i think everyone's breath was held during that spin. >> this daring stunt left a man centimeters from death. take a look at this. a parachute failed to release properly and he escaped with only a broken leg after landing on a tree.
Oct 14, 2012 11:30am PDT
at images that were taken less than 30 minutes ago of felix baumgartner as he was making his descent from 23 miles above the earth in a free fall fashion before he was able to hit the right place in the atmosphere and have the wherewithall to open his chute, and there is the descent there on the horizon before he was able to finally land on his feet just about 45 miles away from roswell, new mexico where this mission began for him early this morning. incredible feat here. still unclear whether he was able to break that record and become the first human to break that sound barrier. we do know that he has already set a record being the first human to go the highest one has ever gone in a manned balloon. that we know, and there is his picture of his mom right there. earlier she was in tears during his ascent into space, and now much relief for mom ava there, the first time she's actually left europe and there in roswell, new mexico to eyewitness this flight in history. this was not a nasa project, this was a commercial project, but many people who were part of this mission form he wierly wor wi
Oct 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
encuentra en nueva jersey, y lourdes en washington. >>> conversamos con felix en nueva jersey >>> gracias marÍa elena, jorge, a partir de este momento, estamos ingresando en la hora mÁs critica, para lo que sera la llegada de sandy a la costa este de estados unidos. 50 millones de personas, estÁn pendientes de lo que ocurre en las prÓximas horas. por nueva jersey, donde se siente, un viento mÁs fuerte, una lluvia mÁs intensa, va a estar entrando sandy, la mayor tormenta en la historia de los estados unidos. :ha estÁ acompaÑando asan di en este ingreso. >>> horas antess del azote de sandy, se veÍan muestras de su cercanÍa el embate de la naturaleza se ha enseÑado con el estado jardÍn, los caminos cerrados son extensa recurrentes. el gobernador de nueva jersey suplicÓ a su poblacion tomar medidas preventivas para evitar una tragedia. >>> por favor, lo dijimos el otro dÍa, si parece una estupidez es una estupidez no se exponga igual que otros en una situaciÓn de peligro. >>> hay mucha gente que se queÓo en casa, porque la vez pasada, no hizo nada el huracÁn. >>> el pintoresc
Oct 14, 2012 11:35pm PDT
sentido diferente. >>> nacido para volar, esas palabras marcan lo que es la vida para felix, el hombre que con su salto. tiene una especial. >>> fue el primer hombre en cruzar el canal de la mancha con unas a las de carbÓn, no hay construcciÓn que no quiera recorrer de arriba a abajo por fuera, se ha lanzado desde el asca cielo, desde el cristo del corcovado, que hable al Último instante, todas las haci hazaÑa parecen pequeÑos brincos comparado con lo de hoy. >>> cuando uno estÁ parado en la cima del mundo se convierte en alguien humilde, uno piensa en obtener logros cientÍficos, lo Único que deseas es llegar vivo a la tierra. >>> luego de abandonar el ejÉrcito ingresÓ en 1988 al equipo de deportistas extremos que red bull que desde entonces patrocinan la misiÓn estratos que hoy viviÓ su dÍa de gloria. >>> ahora solo queda esperar la prÓxima frontera a batir para este austriaco que todos aprendimos que lo apodan como felix sin miedo. >>> imagenes tomadas por el mismo paracaidista con una cÁmara que llevaba en el viaje. >>> despuÉs de un recorrido por los Ángeles endeavour
Oct 14, 2012 4:00am PDT
's what skydiver felix baumgartner is expecting to do today. only cnn will bring it to you live. >>> good morn, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it's 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, 4:00 on the west. we start with new numbers. we start with a state that's squarely in the red. i'm talk about arizona. this rocky mountain poll shoes president obama with a two-point lead over mitt romney. the key here may be the latino vote which is heavily in obama's favor. what's interesting is only one democrat has won arizona in the past 60 years and that, you may recall, was bill clinton, 1996. both candidates are off the campaign trail today working on debate prep. president obama came under a lot of criticism for his performance in the first debate. well, he's get a second chance on tuesday. cnn's athena jones has a preview for us. >> good morning, randi. the second debate is on its way. why? because it will be undecided voters asking the questions. round 2, president obama and governor mitt romney face off in their second debate tuesday. a town hall moderated by cnn's cannily crowley which says the format prese
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >>> up next, the guy they call fearless felix. he's about to free fall 23 miles. free fall, felix -- >> wow, she ain't heavy, she's my wife. the annual wife-carrying contest crowned the winner. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear. went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on he
Oct 15, 2012 4:00am EDT
this time around. >>> the historic jump of flying felix baumgartner, safely back on earth after breaking the sound barrier in a fall from the edge of space. >>> and new treatment this morning for the pakistani girl targeted by the taliban after tens of thousands took to the street to show share support. >>> and a controversial call that helped the tigers take a big lead in the series against the yankees. needless to say, the home team didn't like it at all. >>> good morning, everyone. we begin this monday with the race for the white house and brand new released poll providing a new snapshot of a very close race. >> increasingly close. it all comes with eyes on two big dead looins. one day until the big presidential debate. and 22 days to go until election day. november 6th. tahman bradley is falling it all from washington. >> reporter: the candidates understandhe stakes. that's why they have been huddle with ed ed with advisers gearing up. president obama and mitt romney are preparing for round two, tomorrow night's second presidential debate. both campaigns know the stakes are enormous.
Oct 14, 2012 4:00pm EDT
speck specter. >>> mission accomplished for sky live felix baumgartner. he landed on his feet after a familiar from 23 -- he broke three records, one for the fa fastest free fall on record. and one for the highest manned balloon. >> how is fee lex baumgartner doing? he saw him land on his feet, but how's he feeling memory and emotionally. >> he's going to hold a press conference, he is speaking to the media that is gathered out there in roswell, new mexico very shortly, if he's not doing it already. so he's well enough to talk and we have been trying to correspond with some of the red bull people to ask what his condition is, from all visual signs right now, he's doing very well. you saw him land and raise his fist to the air, the piece of video that we're seeing, the hop into history and the incredible rate of speed was just compelling. he landed about an hour and 45 minutes ago. he did break the speed of sound, that mark, 690 miles an hour, how fast he actually went, red bull is saying he went about 704 miles an hour. but we did see on the monitors during his job that he hit got 7
Oct 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
watched by the whole world. >> and our guardian angel will take care of you. >> reporter: fearless felix says when he dove from the edge of space 24 miles up, it was like swimming without ever touching the water. >> when i was standing there on top of the world, you become so humble. you do not think about breaking records anymore. the only thing that you want is you want to come back alive. >> reporter: baumgartner was falling at 833 miles an hour, faster than a fighter jet, fast enough to break the sound barrier, although he didn't hear that moment inside his suit. then 35 seconds into the plunge at nearly 100,000 feet above earth, a moment of crisis. felix started to spin. it was one of his team's worst fears, a death spiral that could leave him unconscious, unable to deploy his parachute. when you were in that, what looked like to me a death spin, you must have been afraid. >> well, i was. i mean, you are in that situation, and it spins you around like hell, and you do not know if you can get out of that spin or not. >> reporter: 40 seconds later, he stopped spinning by bringing his
Oct 15, 2012 2:05am EDT
. >> not the news yanks' fans want to hear on that one. >>> move over felix baumgartner, chuck yaeger pulled off a flying stuvent h stunt of his own yesterday. he did it at age 89. >>age of 89. hopefully on my front porch, sipping lemonade. >> take it easy. >>> later we'll run down the highlights of nfl week six. and see how we and you are doing in the "world news now" standings. >> it was a brutal week for some of us. not naming names. oh, brutal out there. >> you. pointed at yourself? >> at me. rough. rob nelson. first we have a new look at this morning at the presidential race. our latest abc news, "washington post" poll find president obama leading mitt romney, 49% to 46% among likely voters. >> there is however a bright spot for the republican challenger. 59% of romney supporters say they're strongly enthusiastic about him compared to 55% of the president's supporters. and these numbers come as candidates head into the homestretch with 22 days until the election. tomorrow night presidential contenders face off in their second debate. abc's david kerley reports on their last-minute preps. >>
Oct 9, 2012 9:00am PDT
is fearless felix. he's getting ready to jump from the edge of space. 23 miles above the globe to be exact. felix baumgartner is getting ready to plummet to the earth to break a skydiving record. he'll leap from a specially built balloon and capsule wearing a high tech spacesuit that actually weighs 100 pounds. if it goes wrong, it could go terribly wrong. and now all he has to do is wait for the weather. he was supposed to go at 10:30 eastern this morning, but it's been delayed. chad myers is with me. the conditions that he needs of course aren't available today, but tell us what kinds of conditions he needs to make this a success. >> the problem this morning was that we had some surface winds or at least maybe 100 feet off the ground winds. when the balloon would be inflated, it would tilt the balloon over and they don't want that. they want the balloon to be basically straight above where the capsule is. so now they've unloaded the balloon. that's good news. once take you it out of the box, your it or throw it away. so you can't crust pack it baju back up. it's like the thickness of you
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
why the production spike is falling short. >>> fearless felix redefines awesomeness. his super sonic base jump just doesn't break records, it sent sponsor's red bull's brand into the stats to fear. this could be one of the great marketing coupes of all time. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines the bulls charging ahead to start off the week. improving retail sales in september and better-than-expected earnings from citigroup helped boost stocks. the dow closed up 95 points. not bad. meanwhile the nasdaq posted its first gain in seven sessions. shares of eli lilly lept more than 4%. the drugmaker says the late-stage study of its new stomach cancer drug improved patients chances of survival. >>> investors are punishing shares of bankrate after-hours the financial services company slashed its third quarter and full-year earnings outlook. >>> to our top story tonight according to new reports iran is planning a huge oil spill in the straight of harm muds in the persian gulf. a german newspaper is reporting th
Oct 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
him defy death live. >> and felix is back to earth. a new world record holder. >>> breaking this morning, our brand new abc news/"washington post" poll reveals new strength for mitt romney. but is new optimism boosting obama? as the president makes a special delivery and both men hunker down for tuesday's debate. >>> caught on camera. watch this stunning moment as this b.a.s.e. jumper swings around the high bar at the edge of a cliff, as it collapses around him. it's over 3,000 feet down. wait until you see what happens next. >>> and -- >> wherever i go, there you are. >> brad pitt brings sexy back. one of hollywood's biggest superstars makes history in a breakthrough new role. how he's shaking up one of the world's classics. and how this has him smelling success. >> inevitable. >>> and good morning, everyone. robin at home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. lara is off. great to have elizabeth vargas here. daredevil monday. huh? and a jump into history. look at that. four-times higher than a passenger jet flies. he goes straight down. breaks the sound barrier. even
Oct 23, 2012 12:35am PDT
from the edge of space and broke the sound barrier! felix baumgartner is here! [ cheers and applause ] he was going, like, 825 miles per hour. i mean, that's insane. >> steve: that's nuts. >> jimmy: that's got to screw with your brain a little bit. >> steve: i think so. >> jimmy: right? i mean, he just went -- did you see it? 80 million people or something saw it on youtube. it's just craziness. and he seems normal. [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah? or he could be replaced by an alien. >> jimmy: oh! so you never know what went down. >> steve: never know. prometheus y'all. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: plus, we got music from the one and only wu-tang clan! [ cheers and applause ] ghostface. >> steve: this is monday? >> jimmy: rza. yeah, it's monday night! >> steve: crazy. [ applause ] >> jimmy: going to be a fun show tonight. too much stuff. too much stuff. but as i mentioned earlier, the third and final debate was earlier tonight. so president obama has been all over the news. one thing i've noticed about the president is that he has a very expressive face. you know, he has thousands of di
Oct 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
'll be calling him doctor. >> the man known as fearilous felix. what he says about his plunge 24 miles above earth. >> temperatures plunged, but not that low. now they are heading up. the sun is already down. beautiful view of the bay bridge. find out how warm we are going to get. 90s and when it's going to come, coming up. >> a little function going on here. it was black sunday for the bay area teams yesterday. who's to blame for the 49 debacle? the answer coming up. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 644 (some duplicates have been removed)